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Project Vault

The Development Team are delighted to present Project Vault. Located on circa 100 acres in central Ireland, Moyvore, Co. Westmeath, this independently owned & managed Whiskey Maturation & Filling facility shall provide the following: 

  • Whiskey Cask Storage Warehouse(s) 
  • Whiskey Filling Hall 
  • Maturation Warehouses (12 No. Phase 1) (Capacity of 12500 Casks per warehouse) 

Whiskey producers can transport directly to site and we will fill into your casks and store for whatever duration you so desire. A modern Logistics Management System shall allow you the assurance of safe, and transparent handling process of your product. 

The facility is fully Fire Sprinkler Protected throughout which allows our clients peace of mind for insurance and business continuity requirements. A separate Insurance Policy shall be presented by a Globally recognised Insurance Company. 

Phase 1 is expected to be complete by August 2018.

Located on circa 100 acres in central Ireland,
Moyvore, Co.Westmeath

Key Benefits for Whiskey Producers

The Facility will feature the following benefits to producers:

  • Product Registration on arrival
  • Efficient and Lean Filling Processes from Tanker to Cask
  • Product Handling
  • Cask Preparation 
  • Storage Preparation
  • Storage of Casks
  • Clean, Safe & Secure Storage 24/7
  • Fully Fire Protected Storage Warehouses
  • Full Indemnity Insurance on all Product during its visit
  • Accessibility by Clients 24/7
  • Loading and un-loading of all Product

Operational Overview

1. Tanker Arrives

Registration & implementation of Product Insurance Indemnity 

2. Storage Preparation

Cask/Stock Delivery and Filling into client sourced casks

3. Warehouse Storage

Minimum storage of 3 Years

4. Client Dispatch Instruction

Product Registration and Dispatch

5. Load Mature Casks

Dispatch Registration

6. Shipping to Bottling Facility

Documentation Release & End of Product Site Insurance Indemnity

Our Team

Vault Storage Limited

Engineering Design & Project Consultants 
Allen Barber & Associates

Planning Consultants
Harry Walsh Planning

Facility Location

The Facility shall be located on the R392, Mullingar to Ballymahon Road, at Moyvore, County Westmeath, Ireland.

Eircode Ref: N91 HW27

Dublin Port 1hr 20 mins  |  Belfast Port 2hrs 20 mins  |  Galway City 1 hr 20 mins
Cork Port 2hrs 35 mins  |  Shannon 2hrs  |  Londonderry 3hrs 5 mins
Sligo 1hr 30 mins  |  Carlow 1hr 20mins  |  Tralee 3hrs 15 mins

Contact Us

Vault Storage Limited
Mullingar Business Park,
Mullingar, Co.Westmeath 

Tel: +353 89 496 6456
Email: info@vaultwhiskeystore.com
Web: www.vaultwhiskeystore.com

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